The 2018 feast was a wonderful event with a full house of over 140 guests and our many volunteers.  Thanks to Chef Simon Bailey and Elf Darcy, everyone raved about the delicious meal and the homemade apple crisp made by our team of volunteers.  It was wonderful to enjoy the voices of the carollers, and to welcome back our special guest Santa who lights up the eyes of the children every time!  Thank-you to all of our generous sponsors of the event, our selfless volunteers (almost 100 of them!) and most of all to our guests who brought such joy on that special day.
I can also share some quotes from volunteers if you wish to add those:
Being able to see people who did not know each other spend a Christmas day meal together, bond and laugh was so heart warming.
it was fun to be back with the same crew of servers and we were all so pleased to be there. to be part of one of, if not the best event in the community, is a privilege
There was a 6 year old boy at my table who did not believe in Santa as the year before he did not come to his house. The mother explained to me that it was because of finances but he thought it was because they did not have a chimney. When Santa arrived, this little boy was adamant that it was not the real Santa at all that was there. When Santa came to the table, said this little boys name he just lit up. His belief in Santa was restored and he was so happy. This was a moment that no one knew about but could not have been a better way to restore the joy in Santa back to this sweet boy. He was beyond excited for the rest of the meal over Santa coming to see him. So thank you for creating such moment for this boy and his mom.
At Rotary this morning there was a story of a senior who lives alone in a 1 room ‘apartment’ and receives Meals on Wheels. The Rotarian who delivered this week’s meals asked how their Christmas went, expecting a negative answer. Instead she said it was the best experience to attend the feast, to be picked up by a bus with leather seats, have a great meal with a whole bunch of people. It was a great uplifting day for her. You obviously made her Christmas a day of joy. 
The part that impressed me the most was the smiling faces of the new Canadians and how they embraced the celebration of Christmas although they clearly came from a different religious background. I was also impressed with the family unity that many of the families exhibited. This is an excellent community and family event and I will always do what I can to assist in the future. 

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December 25th, 2018

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